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So Desi and I have three plausible, logical theories about these “spoilers”


1. Blaine becomes Dave’s new bestie/mentor. Dave misinterprets Blaine’s affection and Blaine, being Blaine…is completely clueless.


Remember during Tested (5X16) when Blaine said:

"It all started when you came to Dalton to get away from Karofsky. I wanted to help you through that"  Kurt replied "And you did".  And then Blaine says "And I LOVED the way that felt. I loved it. I loved being able to protect you."  LINK

But now Kurt doesn’t need Blaine to protect him anymore.  He’s strong, independent and can take care of himself.  Perhaps Dave comes back into the picture and he DOES need help.  Whether it’s dealing with his sexuality, or how to attract someone, whatever.  Blaine loves being needed - he loves helping so naturally he’s the one who agrees to help Dave out.  Along the way, however, Blaine is being too kind, too touchy feely because that’s just the way he is and Dave either misinterprets OR he honestly believes he has fallen in love with Blaine.  It will probably take Kurt to be the one to alert Blaine to this fact and straighten the whole situation out.  This could easily be drawn out for 4 episodes.

2. Kurt has pre-wedding jitters and/or cold feet (it’s common) - he’s overwhelmed with all the wedding planning and literally has a nightmare.  Who else in his life has hurt him to the point of nightmares that he will probably deal with for the rest of his life - regardless of the good place that Kurt and Dave were left in.  Dave bullied him relentlessly, he forced himself upon him, and threatened his life.  That is the last person on the planet that he could imagine Blaine cheating on him with therefore the perfect person for him to have a nightmare about.

The spoilers do not say the “love interest” lasts 4 episodes – it just says that Max is back for 4 episodes.  The “love interest” angle doesn’t necessarily have to last that long for Max to have a four episode arc.  He could be back in any capacity and this “love interest” could literally be a 30 second scene.  Remember Blaine & Brit in bed?  That was about a 4 second scene but promoted in the teaser and talked about by the media as “trouble for Klaine??!”

3. Literally since the finale of S5, the promotion of Klaine has been insane by Fox and Glee.  They have promoted Klaine more than they have in 3 years.

Some examples:

“We’ll always love the beautiful story of Kurt and Blaine. Tell us, what’s your favorite Klaine moment?”

#youknowyoureagleekwhen…shipping #Klaine is a full time job. #glee

“You know you’re a Gleek when…shipping Klaine is everything”

“When your shooting star catches you before you fall”. #glee (photo of Klaine from YMMFSY)

“It’s the #FirstDayofSummer! How are you celebrating?” #glee (pic from GTGYIML)

“Retweet if all of you loves all of #Klaine “❤

They wouldn’t be doing all of this, to just break them up again immediately, at the beginning of the season. All of these rumors could possibly be a diversionary tactic, while they set up something bigger, regarding Klaine.  ie: the wedding? 

A three day shoot at Dalton.  The Vivian Westwood suits for Kurt. Darren is the first one in the studio recording.  We’re not saying it IS, but it could be…


Regarding the spoiler that claims it will only be a six month time jump, it makes even LESS sense given how they left Klaine at the end of S5.  We are to believe that within six months, Kurt and Blaine…

“I will never, ever, EVER cheat on you again”

“All I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you”

“I choose to trust and to love you through everything”

“He’s the love of my life, and nothing and no one is gonna come between us”

“There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than my fiancé”

…called off the engagement/have broken up, both moved to Ohio, are teaching Glee clubs at separate schools, and Blaine is now dating Kurt’s former bully, Dave Karofsky.  On what planet? 

We are just as skeptical as the next person, after all…it’s Glee. But nothing about these spoilers make any sense.

Bottom line is that these “spoilers” are causing buzz, causing the media to run with it, getting people talking about Glee again.  Whether it’s the truth or not, they don’t care.  And we’ve got a long way to go before 6X01. 

Good luck to you all.



I had a long day at work, so here are some gifs of Darren Criss laughing…

















Because the world needs more of Darren laughing



Young couple playing records spread out on living room floor. 
Ohio, 1955.

is that blaine anderson



Young couple playing records spread out on living room floor.

Ohio, 1955.

is that blaine anderson


nickolausbrown As promised! The Kurt-acular closet! #gleecostumes #glee #fashionpacked

I see ruffles that look like the ‘magic chocolate factory’ shirt and some very nice Unexpected Paisley.  Also what looks like a very nice sheeny grey shirt. :)


nickolausbrown As promised! The Kurt-acular closet! #gleecostumes #glee #fashionpacked

I see ruffles that look like the ‘magic chocolate factory’ shirt and some very nice Unexpected Paisley. Also what looks like a very nice sheeny grey shirt. :)

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Fic: Consequences


A/N: Posting this as part of the Old Glee Fic Fest.  This fic takes place in season three, shortly after “The First Time.”  

Written in Nov 2011.  This was my very first Glee fic ever, and my first attempt at writing any fiction in over a decade.  In spite of the flaws that I now see in it, I’m still proud of it for the simple fact that it exists.  I started it, found the courage to post the first chapter, and wrote four more chapters to finish it. I’ve written thousands of words of Glee fic since then, and don’t plan to stop.  This was the fic that revived my writing aspirations. 

(Originally posted in five chapters but consolidating them here.)  

Rating: PG

Word count:  ~14,000

Summary:  What if Kurt and Blaine’s visit to Scandals were known by the wrong person?  

* * *


“Hummel Tires and Lube.” 

“Well hello there, Paul Bunyan.  This is your erstwhile political opponent, just giving you a heads-up.  At exactly 5:04 pm, my new ‘Vote for Sue’ ad will air for the first time on Channel 9.  Thought you might be interested.” 

Burt tried to keep his voice even.  “I’m sure you’re enjoying this, Sue, but I don’t really have the time.  I have one more vehicle to deal with and then I’m going home to eat dinner with my family.” 

“Ahh, yes.  The family.”  He could almost see the way her eyes lit up maliciously.  “Speaking of, do you know where your son is right now?” 

He glanced across the shop to where Finn and Kurt were under the hood of a Ford SUV.  “Yeah, I know exactly where BOTH my sons are.” 

“And do you know where Porcelain was last Wednesday night?  About…..10:00 pm?”  Burt was silent, glancing across the shop again at the boys working.   “The ad airs in five minutes.  You don’t want to miss it.” With that, Sue hung up. 

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Anonymous asked
Can I ask how you feel about the s6 spoilers?


For the last five years, this show has built itself a special place in my heart. Most of my “real world” friends dropped it in season 2 or 3. The hubby has tolerated it and taken a barely passing interest. No one I work with even thinks it is still on the air. Therefore, Glee has kind of been my “special thing” that I didn’t have to share even if I did sometimes have to defend.

But I have been there every week, sitting on my couch and thinking, “bring it, Glee.”

It has amused me. It has frustrated me. It has delighted me. It has angered me. It made me swoon and made me roll my eyes, often within moments of each other.

In short, it has entertained me.

And that is all I ask of the final season.

Entertain me.

Tell me stories. Sing me songs. Give me one hour a week where I don’t have to live in my world but can live in theirs.

Amuse me. Frustrate me. Delight me. Anger me. Make me swoon and make me roll my eyes.

Just entertain me.

For 13 more hours, please, just entertain me.


Because I had all these painful emotions from TBU, here’s a short fic of pure Blangst whoops

His first visit to the Lima Bean after their break-up is as excruciating as he expects it would be.

Like the choir room, Kurt haunts every corner of the coffee shop—he’s sitting at their table with a Vogue magazine open in front of him, leaning on the counter with an impatient crease on his forehead as he waits for their coffee, standing by the condiment bar picking up cinnamon for his medium drip—and Blaine feels his memory hanging off of him with every step he takes towards the front. Before, he used to embrace it with open arms and a wistful smile, desperately hanging onto any semblance of Kurt he can find—kept it close to his heart to last him until something else can wash the longing away. This time, he lets it weigh heavy and painful in his chest because he deserves it. Deserves every terrible reminder of the wonderful thing he ruined even though it doesn’t make him feel any closer to being forgiven.

(Not being forgiven, he deserves that, too.)

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Glee Filming photos - May 1st, 2014

Darren Criss in the crowd between takes (with bonus Kevin McHale in a couple shots.

*feel free to edit the photos as you like, as I didn’t have time. But please don’t be a douche, and please remember to link back. Thanks.

"In The Dark" - Kurt/Blaine


Early-to-middle-ish!Klaine.  Kurt teases Blaine in a room full of their friends and then gives him a blowjob after everyone falls asleep.

Jude: I see your intergluteal porn and raise you a blowjob!  YOUR TURN.

It’s chilly in the basement, so no one comments when Kurt drags a fleece blanket around them as they settle to watch the recording of their last competition set.

Burt and Carole had said goodnight after making sure that no one had smuggled alcohol in—Kurt had rolled his eyes (“Dad, I’m classier than that—also, that carpet was not cheap.”)—so now it’s just a small group of them, pairs where pairs exist, sprawled out on sleeping bags and pillows and blankets all over the room.

Blaine makes them watch the recording twice at full speed without stops before going through it song by song at reduced speed. It’s important to self-criticize, and he has specific ideas about what they can do to perform better next time.

The New Directions’ patience lasts about as long as the third number. Santana throws a pillow at his head. Puck starts eying the basement window and muttering about escape and the quickest jogging path to the nearest liquor store. Sam is surfing the Internet on Blaine’s phone. Rachel is on Blaine’s side, but she is easily distracted by Finn. One by one, they all check out and stop listening, until finally someone suggests a generic movie choice that they can all agree on, and Kurt flicks the DVD case across the room with a resigned sigh.

"This is what happens when we trap them in a small space without alcohol and ask them to tolerate each other," he says, settling against Blaine’s side.

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Fic: Appreciated


prompted by a lovely anon: some Klaine intergluteal sex with a dash of dirty talk thrown in. (~2k, NC-17). Written fast with no beta. 

“Hey!” Blaine smiles up from where he’s buried in homework at Kurt’s table.

“Mm, hi yourself,” Kurt murmurs, bending low to kiss him softly, then once behind his ear.

“What’s gotten into you?” Blaine asks. Kurt’s fingers have traveled over the slope of his shoulders.

“You seem awfully tense.” Kurt starts to knead the muscles. There’s a playful lilt to his voice.

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